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We write a Scala 3 web service that talks to AWS Comprehend service to do basic sentiment analysis, but without using AWS SDK, through the power of Smithy4s. We then take that service and deploy it to AWS using Besom - a pure Scala 3 SDK for Pulumi

Where we build parts of our app's frontend and discuss the overall experience

Where we identify meaningful levels of testing without any controversy at all, using Weaver and Testcontainers for integration testing

Where we set up HTTP server, Postgres access with Skunk and Flyway, then package and deploy the app to

Kicking off a series where we develop a fullstack Scala application using Smithy4s, Skunk, Laminar, and deploy it to and Heroku

Building a Single Page Application with Scala.js and Laminar, start to finish

Armed with HTTP definitions and Postgres bindings, we build out the backend for the app in full

In this installment, we introduce NGINX Unit (and SNUnit), build out the foundations of our API, and set up a deployment to

In part two, we will setup bindings to Postgres and OpenSSL, and write a data access library to make working with Postgres easier

We embark on an adventure of infinite struggle, trying to build an opinionated (=bad) Twitter clone using nothing but Scala Native and C libraries, Scala.js for frontend, Postgres for database, and for cloud deployment

How to build, deploy, and develop an app using Cloudflare functions with Scala.js, choosing most difficult routes on every turn

A chaotic tour of Scala's versions, platforms, and artifacts

Second part of conversation with my friend Artem, this time about Scala 3 implicits (=givens)

A conversation with an old friend of mine where we spend almost 2 hours exploring some of the new features of Scala 3