What's new in Scala 3 video (p.1)


My old friend Artem Pyanykh coerced me into recording a video with him about the new things I personally find exciting about Scala 3.

His gift for my birthday was a condenser microphone, so I got the hint.

Artem hasn't done any Scala in a few years (and I haven't done any Scala 3 on any meaningful scale), so we decided to go for a more exploratory conversation about features - with live coding and little to none prepared code.

Ergonomics of some features I discovered during the video itself, which was interesting.

We also looked in the generated bytecode a few times to make sure the premise of the features is delivered.

Some of the topics we discussed are:

  • Starting with Scala 3 vs Scala 2
  • Opaque types
  • Enums
  • Optional braces syntax
  • Union types
  • Strict equality
  • Top-level definitions
  • And a lot of general nonsense here and there :)

Hope you enjoy it. Part II is in the works, where we're going to focus on implicits re-design and some of the other new features.